The Basics for Any Marketing Plan
Every good plan for marketing needs to fit the situation and the needs. All the same, there are some standard components that all marketing plans need to have. There needs to always be an analysis of the situation, the actual marketing strategy, a sales forecast and the expense budget.
Situational Analysis
An analysis of the situation as a rule includes a market analysis, an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, prospects and dangers as well as a competitive analysis. This analysis of the situation should also comprise a forecast for the market, segmentation, customer information and market needs analysis. Also known as a business review, this analysis should tell a company or firm what customer segment will be interested in the product or service, where the strengths as well as the weaknesses are, who are the major competitors and further breaks down the niche of customers this product or service will appeal to.

Marketing Strategy
This needs to include at least a mission declaration or statement, goals and focused approach including market section focus and product or service positioning. This basically is the plan to take the product or service to market and what segment of the population is going to want this product, how a company is going to pitch this product or service to the targeted segment, what the mission and objects of this plan is going to be and how this product or service will be positioned.

Sales Forecast
This needs to include the details needed to track sales on a month by month basis and plans to then follow up with a plan vs. actual analysis. Usually a forecast also needs to include detailed sales data by product or services broken down further by channels, market segment or region, by managerial responsibilities and any other elements needed. The forecast by itself is the minimum that should be in this forecast.

Budgeted Expenses
This will need to contain sufficient details to be able to track everyday expenditures month by month and then follow up with a plan-vs.-actual analysis. Usually a plan will also need to include detailed sales tactics used, programs, management responsibilities, promotions and other elements. The expense budget is the bare minimum that should be in this section.

Anything Else?
These minimum necessities listed above are not the best, just the minimum of any marketing plans. Generally you should start any plan for marketing with an Executive Summary section, and you should also track those basics described with an evaluation of administrative effect, and threats and contingencies plan for each risk, as well as any issues that are left pending.