The Basics for Any Marketing Plan Every good plan for marketing needs to fit the situation and the needs. All the same, there are some standard components that all marketing plans need to have. There needs to always be an analysis of the situation, the actual marketing strategy, a sales forecast and the expense budget. Situational Analysis An analysis of the situation as a rule includes a market analysis, an

Writing a Simple Marketing Plan Although it may seem very complicated at first glance, writing a marketing plan doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process. Nor do you need to have a Master’s Degree in Business Administration to read one. You can create a marketing plan with five sections, and it can be just as useful a tool for your business as a much more complicated marketing plan. Situation

Mind Your Own Business! The concept of minding your own business means that while you are grinding away at your day job you need to be investing in your future and minding your own business. Pretty soon you’ll be able to walk away from that day job and mind your own business full time. The best way to do this is through the acquisition of real estate. Let’s take a

Prepare for Lift Off! Last time I gave you a laundry list of tips and tricks you can use to make your word of mouth program work for you. Hopefully you’ve taken a look and decided which ones are the best fit for your company, products, services and target customers, so you can put them to work in your word of mouth campaign. We are going to wrap up this


Nov 2017

Put it to work

Put it to Work! In the last post we talked about how to conduct word of mouth research and then put that research to work. Today we’re going to give you some great tried and true ways to use word of mouth when building and executing your campaign. We’ve done it in a list form, so you can go through and highlight the ones you want to put into action.

Decoding WOM Messages Today’s lesson will talk about how word of mouth messages are delivered and how you can influence those messages. There are essentially 3 methods of word of mouth: Expert to Expert Expert to Peer Peer to Peer When experts are talking about your products or service you will usually receive an amazing rush of sales and new customers, so obviously this is one of the best things

Science of the Memes Today I’d like to discuss the science of the memes and how spreading ideas around and through society is ingrained in humans. Memes This refers to types of ideas that spread the fastest through society, why they spread fast and how that affects consumerism. You can use this same information to create a lasting positive impression about your company, products and services. People are more likely